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James Millikin Scholar uses project to research cancer cells

My current job is Graduate Assistant, Marketing and Media Relations, at Millikin University.

Nike Tennis Camp preps Millikin student-athlete for teaching

Long-Vanderbug Scholar pursuing medical school to become international physician

I graduated from Millikin University in 2019 with a B.A. in Philosophy. I worked closely with all of the philosophy faculty at Millikin and they provided me with an incredibly supportive and stimulating environment in which to become a better philosopher. Their tutelage factored greatly in giving me the confidence and philosophical rigor needed to pursue philosophy as a career. I now attend graduate school in philosophy at the University of Wisconsin, Madison as a graduate student in the PhD. Program.

Biology major gears up for dental school by utilizing research opportunities

President of Student Senate making a difference on Millikin's campus

Kara Morris graduated from Millikin in 2019 and has accepted a job at Youth Advocate in Decatur where she will be a Parent Educator.

I believe that choosing a wide range of study interests and extracurricular activities while at Millikin truly helped to shape my future. College is a trial run for real life so it is the time to attempt something you’ve always wanted to try but never thought you could do. 

Millikin experience helps student thrive as a leader and mentor