July 5, 2017 at 1:45pm
Dane Lisser

Learning a Technique

Korinne Frankford, a senior at Millikin University, is looking forward to the day when she'll become a pharmacist. Frankford is a chemistry major from Alton, Ill., and her previous experiences of job-shadowing pharmacists in hospital and retail settings has confirmed her passion for wanting to attend pharmacy school.

"After I earn my bachelor's degree from Millikin I will have four years of pharmacy school," said Frankford. "Eventually, I see myself running my own pharmacy."

Millikin ADM Internship

Frankford is also earning a minor in business and is currently spending the summer as an intern at Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM). Frankford was chosen for the internship, and was awarded a new chemistry scholarship, through the ADM Cares program.

"Chemistry is truly a problem-solving degree – it's not just a science degree," said Dr. Paris Barnes, associate professor of chemistry and chair of the Chemistry Department at Millikin. "One of the ultimate reasons she was selected for the scholarship and internship was because of her problem-solving abilities. She's getting the chance to do a technique that not many undergraduates get a chance to do."

During her internship, Frankford will have the opportunity to troubleshoot an instrument in the glycol plant. She will be learning an analytical technique used to determine the composition of a molecule.

It's all about preparing our students for future success outside of these walls.

"This is another example of how Millikin University has partnered with local industries and businesses to bring Performance Learning opportunities to our students," said Dr. Barnes. "It's all about preparing our students for future success outside of these walls."

Frankford noted, "I'm excited that I'll be trying to figure out how to understand this technique and how to apply it. This will allow me to get an idea of what real-life chemistry is. Millikin can prepare me all they want in the classroom, and I've already learned that it's completely different in real-world application versus what I'll learn in a lab."

Millikin ADM Internship

The scholarship and internship opportunity are part of a collaborative effort between Millikin University and ADM to formally launch several food innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives. The ADM Chemistry Scholarship will be awarded annually to an undergraduate student with preference for a rising senior chemistry major who has demonstrated a high level of skill and knowledge in the field of chemistry.  

"I really do think ADM is appreciative of the business blend with science, and a more scientific process in with business," said Julie Shields, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Millikin. "We've got a number of pre-professional programs in the sciences where they take business classes. Just learning the science isn't going to help them launch a business, which they need for succession planning purposes. Doctors and chiropractors and others are asking, 'How do I get this person ready to take over so I can retire?' Millikin students need to be ready to capitalize on that."

Dr. Barnes noted, "ADM really appreciates what we do and we appreciate the fact that they are willing to invest in us so that we can educate our students to the best of our abilities."

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